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Bring home your hero.

Hand sculpted busts of your heroes to delight and inspire every day.

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Meticulous Design

Each new figure is designed with extreme attention to detail with over 300 hours of sculpting, molding, prototyping and finishing. Each figure is created by hand with powder coated resin for strength, density, and touch. From the bowtie worn by Abraham Lincoln worn throughout his presidency, to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's favorite jabot worn during Obama's first presidential address.

We understand how difficult it is to tastefully express your beliefs, ideals, and individuality in a way that is both inspirational and unique.

A touch of class

Sophisticated Style

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House of Bust

Bringing Inspiration to Life

We bring your historical heroes, political leaders and pop-culture icons home to inspire you every day. Combining 3D design experts and sculptors – we are a design company built on a mission to inspire conversation around our heroes, today’s political climate, and the greatest challenges facing our generation. 

Bring your Hero Home

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The Founders

Each of us has been inspired by the impact that someone has had on the world - whether a present day figure, or someone from history. These heroes inspire us to emulate their qualities, and act as a constant reminder of the impact a single individual can have in the face of adversity. House of Bust brings to life the heroes that empower each of us, to stimulate conversation around the challenges we still face every day. 

Lincoln was the original inspiration for this Kickstarter, developed by Abe, our lead designer and co-founder. His first prototype of Lincoln sat on his bookshelf for over a year - acting as the source of inspiration, and a chronic conversation starter for guests. People quickly began asking for their own versions, so he spent months designing  RBG for his cousin, and Bernie Sanders for a close friend. Both were a massive hit, and Abe was empowered by the joy he could bring to so many people with these busts. 

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